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How To Add Custom Domain To Gmail For Free

Do you need a custom email address for your site? That’s the question that has been lurking before I even launched my site. Why? Because custom email address isn't free. In this post, I will teach…

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10 Benefits of Reading Books You Need to Know

When was the last time you read a book? With so many buzz and noise in our daily life a.k.a the internet, people tend to get lost in time scrolling down their social media feed or playing games on…

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How To Add A Domain To Your Google Cloud

So, you have created your WordPress site on Google Cloud, it’s time to add domain to your Google Cloud account. In this post, I’ll show you how to register a domain name and add it to your Google…

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How to Start a Blog with Google Cloud for Free

I launched by blog with FREE hosting using Google Cloud. You might be wondering how could it be free? Well, when I started working on my blog few months ago and even at this point of time, Google…

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23 Best Time Tracking Apps to Increase Your Productivity (Sept. 2017 Update)

Time tracking apps have becoming fundamental to any businesses. Whether you work for a company or run your own business, time can be your friend or your enemy. Time tracking is crucial when you are…

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Home Office Ideas June 2017 - TypeEighty

Home Office Ideas For Professional You Need To Know

Here are some office ideas to inspire you. Take pointer from these amazing ideas and apply it to your own workspace.

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