Best Chrome Extensions for Bloggers - TypeEighty

11 Best Chrome Extensions for Bloggers

You’re busy and you don’t have much time to spend on blogging. Sounds familiar? Unless you’re a full-time blogger, allocating your time to manage your blog outside of your daily job is hard. The good…

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little known ways to install chrome extensions - TypeEighty

Little Known Ways to Install Chrome Extensions

While the majority of Chrome extensions live in the Chrome Web Store, you could download Chrome extensions from other websites. In this post, I’m going to show you two different ways to install…

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12 Best Social Sharing Plugins for WordPress in 2018 1

12 Best Social Sharing Plugins for WordPress in 2018

No one's sharing your content on social media? Learn how you can leverage on social proof to increase your social traffic with best social sharing plugins.

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Custom domain in gmail with Mailgun

How to Use Custom Domain in Gmail for Free

Custom domain email address is important as you start building your brand and your business. It makes you look professional and committed. In this post, I will teach you how you could set up a custom…

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Bad WordPress Plugins - stacking stones to your success - TypeEighty

What Everyone Ought to Know About Bad WordPress Plugins

Installing a bad WordPress plugin could damage or harm your website in the long run. It’s important to know how to identify which plugins you should avoid. In this post, you'll find out 5 signs of a…

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speed up and optimize

7 Ways to Speed up Chrome Browser

Are you using Google Chrome on a daily basis? What could you do when you feel like Chrome is slowing down on you? How could you bring its speed and performance back up to how it was before? In this…

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