At this year Apple WWDC17 Keynote Address, Apple announced the iMac Pro. Priced at $4,999, it is a workstation-class computer and the most powerful Mac ever. While the iMac get significant hardware updates, the iMac Pro is on a class of its own. And I have to gotta admit, a space gray aluminium iMac looks way better than silver iMac.

iMac Pro

Incredible processing power

The iMac Pro basic configuration starts with 8-core Intel Xeon processor, you can configure it up to 18 cores and up to 128 GB of RAM. With this much processing power and memory, no more slowness when rendering or editing 4K videos or huge 3D models. You can keep numerous apps open at the same time without slowing down your performance.

iMac Pro Vega Graphics

Vega graphics

The iMac Pro is debuting Radeon Pro Vega graphics with up to 16GB of memory that’s over 3 times faster than any previous iMac GPU, packing the power of a double-wide graphics card into a single chip. With the new Vega GPU, iMac Pro lets you do more than just immerse yourself in VR worlds. It lets you create them from scratch.

iMac Pro


Keeping everything they have done right with iMac, you won’t find any major change in iMac Pro except the space gray aluminium color. iMac Pro also comes with the perfect accessories: a space gray Magic Mouse 2 or Magic Trackpad 2, and space gray Magic Keyboard.

iMac Pro

High performance storage

The iMac Pro can hold up to 4TB of all-flash storage with up to 3GB/s throughput. It simply makes saving big projects, loading huge files and launching apps faster than ever.

iMac Pro


iMac Pro comes with 5K display and has four Thunderbolt 3 USB-C ports and is capable of pushing up to 44 million pixels in total so you can connect two 5K monitors. iMac Pro also improves its Ethernet port to 10Gb Ethernet so you can share your files or access your network storage 10 times faster.

Should you get it?

Yes, and no.

Yes. If you’re a creative professional and use tools such as video editor or 3D animation heavily, you will be able to do your work more efficiently with a workstation of this class as you’ll be able to process things at much faster speed. And maybe, simply because it looks beautiful and it’s a good addition to your office or home office.

No. Because depending on your workload and activity, if you’re just an average computer user,  this would probably an overkill.

The iMac Pro is designed for professionals from video editors to 3D animators to musicians to software developers. If you’re not doing any of those, I suggest you to refrain yourself from getting it. You can check out the full tech specs at Apple site.

The iMac Pro starts at $4,999 and will be available from December 2017.