Have you ever wondered what’s the benefits of a coming soon page? Done right, you’ll get to enjoy 4 main benefits when you finished building your website.

I’ve come across many examples of poorly design coming soon pages that resulted in low — or even zero — conversion. These pages are missing some of the key elements to creating an effective coming soon page.

In this post, we’ll go over the key elements you need to create a coming soon page and how you could benefit from it.

4 Key Elements for a Coming Soon Page

Coming Soon Page Elements

1. Launch Date

Nowadays, displaying just a coming soon message on a page is no longer enough. Your visitors are left with an unanswered question — when will your website be ready — and they don’t like it.

Displaying a launch date on the page lets your visitors know exactly when your website is ready. You keep your visitors updated with the progress and get informed. No more self guessing.

Duolingo did an excellent job here of not only displaying the launch date but providing ways for users to get notified of their current progress.

Duolingo Coming Soon Page

2. Clear Website Description

Vague website description drives your visitors away. You only have 2 seconds to capture your visitors — a very small window. You need to deliver a concise and clear message to drive higher conversion on your lead generation.

Lab Petite Coming Soon

3. Email Subscription Form

The email subscription form is probably the most critical element for a coming soon page yet often neglected by many people when building their website.

Make sure the email subscription is working.

Blocks Coming Soon

4. Social Media Icons

Social media icons let you build your community in advance. There’s no better place to keep the conversation going about your brand and your website. Read how you could use Social Warfare to boost your social media traffic.


4 Benefits of Creating a Coming Soon Page

Let’s go over 4 main benefits of creating an effective coming soon page.

1. Hold Yourself Accountable

Launching a new website is a long process. Without a clear goal and timeline, chances are you’ll procrastinate, get sidetracked with other work and delay launching the website. Worst yet, you might stop altogether.

Simply displaying a launch date on your coming soon page changes that mindset. Now that you have a clear deadline, you’ll work towards the date. You hold yourself accountable.

2. Kickstart your lead generation

Have you heard, it’s never too early to build your email list? It gets even better with a coming soon page. You could start building your email list before you even launch your website.

Leverage your coming soon page to gauge your visitors’ interest and ask their feedback. Make it easy and rewarding for them to sign up and share.

You could use a tool such as OptinMonster — a lead generation — to easily create a lead capture form and run A/B testing to drive the highest conversion. Or you could create an email subscription form quickly with NinjaFormsfree drag-and-drop form builder.

Sockwell Socks is a good example of building a rewarding coming soon page where they reward their visitors who signed up to their VIP email list with 500 Reward Points.

3. It’s good for your SEO

Domain age matters on your search rankings based on a study by Sean Si from SEO Hacker and coming soon page is a natural way for your domain to age while getting your website ready.

When it comes to search ranking, indexing and ranking a brand new domain is an uphill battle. Due to the nature of the coming soon page, the user might leave your site without clicking on anything resulting in a higher bounce rate.

Does it mean coming soon page is bad for SEO? Apparently, it’s not according to Matt Curtis and that’s huge. It’s better for the user to land on a nicely design coming soon page rather than a black hole where they’ve no idea what’s going on.

4. You could build social media followers early

Social Warfare is a great social sharing plugin for WordPress you could use on your coming soon page. By linking your coming soon page to your social media accounts, your visitors know where other people would hang out and talk about you. You could raise awareness about your brands, vision, website and eventually build your audience before you finish building your website.

Final Thoughts

I hope understanding these 4 key elements help you build an effective coming soon page. As your coming soon page is up, your lead generation should be running on autopilot. Now, it’s time to focus on building your website, optimize website performance for better SEO.

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