Do you spend hours creating your content and promoting it on social media?

What if I tell you that someone else could be using your content to drive traffic to their website?

In this post, you’ll learn about what content hijacking is and how you could project your site from it.

What is Content Hijacking?

Content hijacking is a strategy to use other people content to promote your content. You heard that right.

Yes, I called it a strategy. Why?

Because growth hackers or digital marketers use this method a lot to streamline their marketing.

You could load your own advertisement, call to action button, or affiliate link on top of other people’s content.

How Content Hijacking Works?

Content hijacking works by loading your content inside an iframe where someone else could load their advertisement or call to action buttons on your website.

An average user won’t be able to notice the difference because they are practically browsing your website and reading your content. The only way to spot the difference is by checking the web address or URL.

Content hijacking has been made easy now with the rise of…


Sniply makes it easy to add your own CTA on top of other people content that anyone could do it in just a few clicks.

All you need to do is:

  1. Sign up for an account on any of these apps.
  2. Log in to your account and start creating your shareable links.
  3. Share the links on your social media.

It’s as easy as that.

Check out this video.

A few alternative tools to Sniply are:

Is Content Hijacking Bad?

The content owner definitely won’t be happy with these tools.

Nobody likes someone else making use of your content for their own benefits.

Imagine you wrote a detailed review of a product or a service on your blog. Someone else could simply share it on social media and use their own CTA to get a conversion.

It could hurt your conversion and brand image badly.

On the other hand, these tools could help you drive social engagement from the post that you shared. You could use these tools to create a non-intrusive CTA to drive traffic back to your website.

Not only that, but you could also drive app download, email list signups, event registrations and more.

Digital marketers and growth hackers love these tools. Neil Patel included Sniply as one of the social media tools that experts use.

Even Hubspot uses Sniply in one of their tweets.

Looking for search marketing software? Check out these third party reviews

— HubSpot (@HubSpot) June 15, 2015

How do you stop people from hijacking your content?

You could install Frame Buster plugin that would protect your content from being loaded on an iframe.

Once the plugin detected that your site is loaded in an iframe, it will redirect to your site.

The plugin is so easy to use that all you need to do is install and activate it.

It’s created by Warfare Plugins, the team behind Social Warfare. In fact, the frame buster feature is baked into Social Warfare directly.

So if you’re looking for a social sharing plugin to use and you worry about protecting your content, install Social Warfare.

It’s one of the best social sharing plugins for WordPress. Check out my complete unbiased review here.

Final Thoughts

Tools such as Sniply ain’t going anywhere and chances are more and more marketers are leveraging on these tools on their marketing campaign.

If you hate the idea of having your content used by other people, install Frame Buster or Social Warfare to protect your content.


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