You set goals all the time. But you always fail to reach them. Sounds familiar?

It happens all the time.

I’m not surprised. I failed to reach my own goals a couple of times. In fact, do you know that 92% of Americans fail to achieve their New Year’s resolution?

If goals are easy to reach then everyone will be successful. And sometimes you know what you have to do but you just can’t get it through it.

Let’s go look at the top 7 reasons why people don’t reach their goals.

1. You have too many things to do

Having a to-do list is great to figure out what you need to do to achieve your goals. But sometimes, we tend to list down all the things that came up in our mind no matter how small or big it is. As our to-do gets too crowded, it’s easy to get distracted.

What you should do instead is transform your to-do list into your success list. I first learned about this when I read The ONE Thing by Gary Keller. I highly recommend you to read it and figure out your success list when setting up your goals.


2. You’re setting too many goals

Another common mistake is you’re trying to do too many things at once. A single goal would take a considerate amount of time and effort to achieve.

When you set too many goals, you tend to multitask. Unless you’re good at multitasking, you’ll be putting yourself behind. Multitasking actually slows you downstresses you out, and makes it harder to track your progress.

When you have too many goals you want to reach. It’s time to evaluate those goals. Rate your goals in terms of importance. Combine similar smaller goals onto one bigger goal that fits in the picture.

3. You’re setting unrealistic goals

Accomplishing a small goal might not give you a true sense of accomplishment. Hence, you tend to set a much bigger goal… sometimes unrealistic.

When you set your goal, give it a thought for a second. Is it doable? Is it impossible to achieve?

If you know you’ll never be able to reach that goal right from the get-go, lower your goals or break it down so you can get a better picture of what you need to do to reach that goal.


4. You start late

Procrastination is unavoidable. When you think you have some time leverage to finish what you need to do, you tend to delay and you start late.

You heard this before, “there’s always tomorrow”. Well, guess what? Chances are you’ll never start.

Change your mindset, start today.

5. You don’t invest in yourself

This is the most common mistakes. You have a goal you want to achieve but you’re reluctant to invest in yourself.

If you want to be a travel blogger or food blogger and you have basic photography knowledge. You should invest in yourself. Take an online photography course. Learn photo editing technique. Get a good DSLR camera.

If your goal is to grow your email list, invest in tools that could help you build your email list fast.

Have you heard this other phrase, “time is money”? The faster you can achieve your goal, the faster you can focus on your next goal. Whatever your goals are you should thinking of investing in yourself.

Register at Skillshare and get 2 months free premium access to 17,000 courses. Start investing in yourself.


6. You’re not rewarding yourself

A reward is a great way to keep yourself motivated in doing what you do to achieve your goals. When you complete a task, reward yourself with something that would make you happy. Something that you don’t normally get it or do it under normal circumstances.

With rewards in place, you not focusing solely on the goals itself, but you’re also focusing on what you will get once you reach those goals. It could be a night out drinking, a fancy dinner at a restaurant, new phone.

Reaching your goals don’t have to be all about work. Rewards yourself and keep yourself motivated.

7. You give up too soon

Too many people give up too soon when they encounter difficulties and roadblock. They just stopped… right before the goal line. They chose to let go of the goals and switched their attention to something else instead of finding a solution to overcome the hurdle.

I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying ~ Michael Jordan

We see way too many people who are very good at what they are doing. They are good because they don’t give up. You might fail trying but you shouldn’t stop trying.

Final Thoughts

There are many reasons that would stop you from reaching your goals. What do you think is your biggest reason you don’t reach your goal?

Feel free to share with us your thoughts and help our readers to have a better chance of reaching their goals.

Do you have anything to add? Drop us a message in the comment below.

Top Reasons Why You Never Reach Your Goals


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