I first came across Skillshare a couple of months back when I was looking for online classes.

Skillshare is an online learning platform for Creative Professional with more than 17,000 classes available.

They offer a wide variety of topics from business, health, technology to creative. However, they excel in creative classes such as photography, design, and crafts.

If you sign up for an account through my link, you’ll get a FREE 2 months access to all 17,000 classes. You could cancel anytime within the 2 months to avoid getting charged. The best thing is you will still have access to free courses afterward.

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In this post, I’ve rounded up 20 best Skillshare courses essential to be a better blogger.


Fundamentals of DSLR Photography: If you’re new to DSLR cameras, this introductory photography class will get you up to speed quickly.

Photography Masterclass: Your Complete Guide to Photography: This course is designed for all levels of photographers who want to improve their skills, take stellar images, and make money with their photos. If you’re a food blogger, travel blogger or lifestyle blogger, your picture is your most important assets. Learn how you bring your photography skills to the next level.

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Outdoor Photography: Shooting at Sunset, Sunrise, and Night: If you’re a travel blogger or planning to start a blog on traveling, you should check out this course by Chris Burkard. In this course, Chris teaches how to adapt to your natural surroundings and how to learn basic photo editing on daytime and nighttime photographs.

Mobile Photography Basic for Instagram Success: Learns the ins and outs of smartphone photography from Tyson Wheatley (@twheat). Build your photos, followers, and brand authentically on Instagram.

Documentary Photography: Capturing Places and People: National Geographic photographer Ami Vitale takes you on an adventure to Venice Beach, California, sharing her documentary photography techniques. This class is great for aspiring photojournalists, and professional photographers seeking inspirations.

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Creative Writing for All: A 10-Day Journaling Challenge: [clickToTweet tweet=”Join a 10-day creative writing challenge with Emily Gould. #skillshare #writing #emilygould” quote=”Join a 10-day creative writing challenge with Emily Gould”].  This course is perfect for writers eager to rekindle creativity in a personal and artful way.


Writing For Consistency: Finding Your Creative Voice: While writing is a creative art form, using a structure is essential for execution. Learn how to identify your voice in writing that makes your work unique.

Copywriting for Startups: Whether you’re an entrepreneur or a marketer, this class is great to sharpen your writing and branding skills. Learn how to write compelling copy for your business or projects.

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Digital Marketing

Introduction to SEO: If you’re serious about growing your business, you should dive into the heart of SEO with the Wizard of Moz. Get actionable insights and tactics for optimizing your content and raising your brand online presence organically.

Introduction to Social Media Strategy: Learn how you can create a social media strategy that works with Buffer. Craft a custom strategy that will drive your business goals and grow your target audience.

20 Best Skillshare Courses to Be a Better Blogger 1

Design & Programming

Logo Design with Draplin: Join more than 20,000 Skillshare students to learn logo design from Aaron Draplin. Aaron shares his logo design process with his personal project, the family crest. From background research to the geometric structure to typography, he shares helpful tips for creating beautiful work in a hyper-efficient manner.

Introduction to HTML: This is a great course for those who want to learn how to create a website. Start learning the basics of HTML and how to setup your website projects step by step.

Build a Website with HTML, CSS, and Javascript: Learn the skills needed to build a website from scratch. In this course, you’ll be building a 3-4 page website from scratch with CSS and Javascript.


The Staples of Branding: Join streetwear icon Jeff Staple as he shares first-hand experience and advice for building a brand from purpose to product. In this course, you’ll be encouraged to complete and share your project with the community.

Make the Most of Instagram: Learn how you can stand out with this 30-min class from Instagram star Gareth Pon.

Building an Etsy Shop that Sells: Want to make money selling stuff at Etsy? Join Etsy’s Parker Gard to learn the ins and outs of creating a successful e-commerce business within an online marketplace.


Productivity Habits That Stick Using Time Theming: Are you struggling with your productivity? Mike Vardy shares how creating a simple, flexible, durable productivity system will transform the way you work. Learn how you can use time theming to build a productivity system that will last a lifetime.

Real Productivity: Create Your Ideal Week: How do you take control of your calendar? Fueled by years of research and trial-and-error, this short class is packed with rules and tools, including lessons on building your strategy, prioritizing tasks and apps you could try. This class is perfect for freelancer, full-time or even if you’re just searching for a way to balance multiple projects at once.

Productivity and Time Management: Get More Done: Getting more done isn’t always productive unless you get the right things done. In this 30-minute class, Trello’s Brian Cervino shares his tools, tactics, and tips to make your day more productive. Learning these foundational tools will transform your day, so you can tackle your workday and personal projects with ease.

Introduction to Project Management: Being a blogger there are many moving pieces you need to manage. Email building, link building, link outreach, and the list goes on. To be successful you need to think of your blog as your business. In this class, you’ll learn the essential skills to manage your blog successfully.

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Final Thoughts

Starting a blog now is easier than before. To be a successful blogger, you need to be stellar at a lot of things and good at managing your time. Luckily, a platform like Skillshare makes it easy to learn the skills you need from the professional and get help and feedback from the community. Another thing that makes Skillshare stand out above the rest is that some of the best classes are FREE.

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What’s your favorite Skillshare courses? Let us know in the comment below.

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