When I first got my Kindle PaperWhite, I was ecstatic and couldn’t wait to load it up with ebooks from my reading list.

I googled for free ebooks I could download and instructions on how to load the ebooks on my Kindle.

How surprised I was to the information I found on the Internet. It’s either outdated or incomplete. It never crosses my mind that loading ebooks on Kindle can’t such a challenging task.

As I couldn’t find a good and clear instruction, I decided to write a post that will help you load free ebooks on your Kindle so you don’t have to go through the same problem I had.

In this post, I will share with you six different methods you could to load ebooks on your Kindle.

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How to Download Free Ebooks on Kindle


I find emailing ebooks to your Send-to-Kindle email address ([name]@kindle.com) as an attachment is the easiest way to load ebook to your registered Kindle.

To find your Send-to-Kindle email address, visit the Manage your Devices page at Manage Your Kindle. You could only send documents or ebooks to your Kindle devices from approved email address. You could add your email accounts to your Approved Personal Document E-mail List.

Some of the supported file formats are Microsoft Word (.DOC, .DOCX), Kindle Format (.MOBI, .AZW) and PDF (.PDF). You could convert PDF to Kindle format (.AZW) by using”convert” as the subject line when sending the email to your Send-to-Kindle email address.

Send to Kindle Apps

The quickest way to send documents, PDFs, and any non-Amazon ebooks to your Kindle PaperWhite is using Send to Kindle apps. This little app by Amazon is available on both PC and Mac.

Once you have it installed, all you have to do is run it and drag and drop one or more files to it. And voila, your files are sent to your Kindle.

With the app, you could send a text document (.TXT) and images as well.

Sideloading via USB

Downloading ebooks to your Kindle with Sideloading method is extremely useful when you don’t have any registered email address or internet connection.

Simply by connecting your Kindle to your computer with USB cable, your computer will recognize your Kindle as external storage and you can simply drag and drop files to it.

The only downside to this method is you need to make sure you have a USB cable with you.

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Web Browser

Not many people aware of it, probably not you too but your Kindle Paperwhite comes with a Web Browser or more precisely, an Experimental Browser.

There are a few loves and hates many Kindle users have with this browser.

First, depending on which countries you’re, the web browser might be unavailable to you. Yup, that sucks.

Second, it gives you the most basic browsing experience. It doesn’t support websites that use Flash, animation or video. You’re probably better off browsing with your phones or tablets.

Despite the basic browsing experience, you could the Experimental Browser to download free ebooks to your Kindle. You could download MOBI, AZW, PRC, or TXT formats from popular free ebooks websites directly to your Kindle.


Calibre is a cross-platform open-source suite of ebook software. It’s a powerful tool you’ll need to organize your ebooks library. Calibre makes it easy to manage your ebooks library and convert ebooks that you downloaded to any format compatible with your ebooks reader. With Calibre, you could send ebooks to your Kindle device via USB or email.

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Check out this video tutorial from Goodereader:


Dropbox is one of the best cloud storage services in the world. With Dropbox, you could store and securely access all your files from different devices including your Kindle PaperWhite.

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All you have to do is upload your ebooks to your Dropbox and access your Dropbox account with the Experimental Browser on your Kindle PaperWhite. You could now load the ebook on your Kindle.

If you don’t have a Dropbox account yet, sign up for a Dropbox account now and get a free 2GB of space.

Final Thoughts

Kindle is the most popular gift you could get for your loved ones, it is the best ebook reader in the world. And by now, you should know there are at least 6 different methods you could use to download ebooks on your Kindle.

I personally prefer to use Calibre and Dropbox to manage my ebooks library. Dropbox has been a great service, even with the basic free plan, there is plenty of space for all my ebooks collection and more. Now, I should find the time to start reading my books.

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Do you find this post helpful? What is your preferred method to download ebooks to your Kindle? Do I miss out anything? Let me know in the comment below.