Sept. 2017 Update: Added LogMyHours and Time Doctor.

Time tracking apps have becoming fundamental to any businesses.

Whether you work for a company or run your own business, time can be your friend or your enemy. Time tracking is crucial when you are building up your business or starting off as a freelancer.

Time tracking can help to increase your productivity.

You can monitor how you spent your time and better understand what activities lead to wasted time.

What are time tracking apps?

Time tracking app or time tracking software is an app that allows its users to record time spent on tasks. Businesses of all sizes are using time tracking apps to improve its business and profits.

Time tracking app might offer features such as:

  • Automatic invoice generation to clients based on the time spent
  • Additional billing of related cost
  • Workforce management packages that include scheduling, payroll, analytics, etc

Freelancers and business owners are using time tracking app to keep track of the time spent for billing purposes.

Getting Started

By now, you might have already decided to start using a time tracking app if you haven’t yet. Yet, you might notice that there are many of time tracking apps and it’s not easy to choose one that suits you.
No time tracking apps are made equal.

While some time tracking apps are suitable for freelancer, others might work better for teams.

Some time tracking apps focus on simplicity and design, others put more emphasis on functionalities.

Of course, there are some that provides the best of both worlds.

List of best time tracking apps

To help you choose time tracking app that suits your more, I have compiled a list of 23 best time tracking apps to increase your productivity.

Disclosure: This post might contain affiliate links. If you choose to buy through my link I will get a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you so much for the support.

App Price Platform(s)
Toggl - TypeEighty Toggl
(Editor’s Choice)
Free (Basic plan for teams of 5 or fewer), paid plans start from $10/user/month Web, Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iPhone
Harvest - TypeEighty Harvest Free (Free plan for 1 person, up to 2 projects), paid plan at $12/user/month Web, Mac, Android, iPhone
Hours - TypeEighty Hours Free, Pro plan is $8/user/month Web, iPhone, Apple Watch
HoursTracker - TypeEighty HoursTracker Free, paid editions start from $5.99 iPhone, Apple Watch, Android
Timely - TypeEighty Timely Free, Plans start from $15/user/month Web, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Android
My Hours - TypeEighty My Hours Free, pro plan is $3/month and $2/additional user/month Web, iPhone, Android
TopTracker - TypeEighty TopTracker Free Web, Windows, Mac, Linux
Everhour - TypeEighty Everhour
(Editor’s Choice)
Basic plan is $7/user/month ($35 monthly minimum), Plus plan is $12/user/month ($60 monthly minimum) Web
Paydirt - TypeEighty Paydirt Paid plans start from $8/user/month Web
Time IQ - TypeEighty Time IQ $5/user/month Web
Tyme - TypeEighty Tyme $5.99 (iOS), $17.99 (OS X) Mac, iPhone, iPad
Tick - TypeEighty Tick Free (for 1 project), paid plans start from $19/month Web, Mac, iPhone, Apple Watch, Android
Hubstaff - TypeEighty Hubstaff Free (limited storage), paid plans start from $5/user/month Web, Mac, Windows, Linux, iPhone, Android
Freckle - TypeEighty Freckle Solo plan for 1 user at $19/month, from $49/month for 5 users and $10/month per additional user Web, Mac, iPhone
Clicktime - TypeEighty ClickTime Plans start from $10/user/month Web, iPhone, Android
Paymo - TypeEighty Paymo
(Editor’s Choice)
$14.95/user/month Web, iPhone, Android
Timecamp - TypeEighty Timecamp Free for 1 user, paid plans start from $7/user/month Web, Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, Android
activecollab - TypeEighty Active Collab Plans start from $25/month for 5 users Web, Mac, Windows, Linux, iPhone, Android
Now Then - TypeEighty Now Then Free, Pro version at $2.99 iPhone, iPad
LogMyHours - TypeEighty LogMyHours Free, Pro ($4.50/month/user), Enterprise ($22.50/month/user) Web, iOS, Android
Time Doctor - TypeEighty Time Doctor Free, Solo Plan ($5/month), Pro Plan for team ($9.99/user/month) Windows, Mac, Linux, Chromebook, iOS, Android
aTimeLogger - TypeEighty aTimeLogger Free, iOS at $4.99 iOS, Android
Dashable - TypeEighty Dashable Plans start from $19/month for freelancer, $79/month for 6 users. Web, Mac, iPhone, Android

Toggl – Insanely simple time tracking app

Price: Free (Basic plan for teams of 5 or fewer), paid plans start from $10/user/month
Platform: Web, Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iPhone

Toggl - TypeEighty

Toggl is a popular choice for time tracking app used widely by freelancers. Toggl is the ultimate timer and it’s simple to get started with. It is built for speed and ease of use. You only have to press the start button at the beginning of your work and stop the timer when you finish. Toggl also provides a huge list of integrations with other project management tools.

You can keep track of your progress on the Project Dashboard. You can get a broader view of your projects’ progress and identify tasks that take the most time. On top of that, you can compared the time tracked and the project estimates.

While Toggl allows you to tag your time entries and add notes to the tracked times, the reporting, project management and team management features are available for Pro plan. For those who are growing their business and team, Pro plan is a good option to start with at $10/month. Another essential feature in the Pro plan is the ability to set estimates for your projects.

For reports, you can select a variety of report types that Toggl provides. And also, you can filter and sort the report by relevant data and export your report to CSV, PDF or Excel (Pro feature). Pro plan will allow to set an hourly rate for certain time entries and apply this to your reporting filter. If you need to send report to your client, Toogl got you covered. You can personalise the report by inserting your company or brand logo on the report.

Free plan for basic time tracking is available for teams up to 5 members. If you’re looking for a simple time tracking app, you should give Toogl a try.

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Harvest – Time tracking app with security in mind

Price: Free (Free plan for 1 person, up to 2 projects), paid plan at $12/user/month
Platform: Web, Mac, Android, iPhone

Harvest - TypeEighty

Harvest is a web-based time tracking and invoicing application relied on by creative businesses in over 100 countries. Founded in 2006, harvest is one of popular time tracking apps for businesses, entrepreneurs, and freelancers. It has an intuitive interface which makes onboarding process fast and easy.

Harvest provides a couple of ways for you to track your time. You can either use the timer to start tracking whenever you do your work. Or, if you are the type that like to enter your time in one go, you can switch to its weekly timesheet.

Working in a team, it’s often difficult to track your team’s performance and their hours but it all changes with Harvest. With a quick glance, you can spot any burnout before it happens. Find out who’s overworked and who might not be working enough on a project.

Always be on the same page with your team.

How much are they working?

When are they working?

What projects did they work on?

With accurate timesheet details, you don’t have to ask these questions.

Harvest can function as a project management tool as well; Assign various projects to your team and track the project progress to find out how close you are to your budget. Harvest will send automatic reminders when you’re about to reach your budget. You can dive deeper to the report and pinpoint the exact task that’s eating into your budget. With Harvest, you won’t let budgets catch you by surprise.

Another handy feature Harvest offers is the ability to track expenses related to a project. With harvest iPhone and Android apps, you can snap photos of receipts and store them in Harvest. Moving beyond time tracking, you can simplify your workflow by connecting your favorite tools. Harvest has a long list of integrations from project management to accounting. With Harvest, you can create and sent invoice online and accept payments online with PayPal, or Stripe.

Hours – Beautiful time tracking app for iOS users

Price: Free, Pro plan is $8/user/month
Platform: Web, iPhone, Apple Watch

Hours - TypeEighty

Hours is a popular time tracking app for iOS users created by Apple Design Award winner, Tapity, that lets freelancers and individuals track time in an attractive and ease-to-use app. The iPhone app is surprisingly pleasant to use with its well thought interface and great details on its microinteraction. With version 2.0 update, Hours has added team features and web version of its app to transform Hours to a complete time tracking tool. While the web version is beautiful, I do feel like it can be quite confusing from the UX point of view. As it is currently, the onboarding experience for first time user is not as intuitive as the iOS app.

Hours makes time tracking easy by letting you make timers for each task, project or activity that you would like to track. Once you have started a time, you can switch timer on the fly with one tap simply by starting a new timer. It has never been this easy to switch between various projects you’re working on. With its interactive timeline, you can add a time block and adjust timing by dragging the time without leaving your screen. The timeline will give you visual accounting everyday so you can quickly identify and make adjustment of your time.

The team feature is another good addition to Hours that Project Manager gonna loves. You can easily invite a team member to a project and you team can start tracking their time right away.

Report is one of the most valuable assets of Hours. You can see your time and your team’s time on beautiful color-coded presentation. You can easily filter report by project, task, person in any period of time and switch between detail view or summary view. While Hours is lacking on the exporting features as you can only export your report to CSV and PDF, Hours allows you to share link to your report online.

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HoursTracker – Track your time anytime, anywhere

Price: Free, paid editions start from $5.99
Platform: iPhone, Apple Watch, Android

HoursTracker - TypeEighty

HoursTracker is a powerful time tracking app to help you log your time anytime, anywhere. HoursTracker makes it easy to track your time and earnings for one or more jobs. You can clock in and clock out as you work or manually enter time entries yourself. HoursTracker groups your entries by day, week, or month, so you can easily see how you spend your time week to week or across jobs. When clocking your time, you also add pause in-between for any duration you specified. You can set reminders to clock in and out any day so you won’t forget to track your time.

HoursTracker provides option for you to set pay period for each job which will be automatically calculated for all tracked times, including overtime and net pay estimates.

HoursTracker lets you organize your report by job, or day and you can select what data to export so you can email your report to your boss or your colleagues easily in CSV format. HoursTracker comes with free HoursTracker Cloud where you can keep your backup data in the cloud and restore it to any device. While Free Plan only let you keeps the most recent backup of your data, Paid Plan let you schedule automatic backups and allow you to keep up to 10 backup copies.

The app design is simply and fully functional. The location awareness is a must-have feature for mobile time tracking app. While it’s packed with all the features you need, the lack of web-based app seems to be pretty limiting as it’s not easy to view the report on small mobile screen.

Timely – Stop chasing timesheets

Price: Free, Plans start from $15/user/month
Platform: Web, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Android

Timely - TypeEighty

Timely is a simple and beautiful way to keep track of how much time you spend on tasks and projects. Every time tracking app out there uses the same concept; you log hours backward in time. Timely flips that concept around. With Timely, you can plan ahead and log how much you spent working afterwards. It’s a scheduling and time tracking app, simultaneously. Timely works seamlessly across platforms with real time sync, you can access your data anytime, anywhere.

Timely makes project management so much easier. When you add a new project, you can set an hourly rate or maybe set it as non billable, and set a money or hour based budget for the project. With project budgets, you’ll always have control and know when you need to call your client to get a budget increase. Make sure your team members have the correct hourly rate set and their logged time will be deducted from the budget automatically.

Timely provides extra options for you when you add new user. Not all users will have the same access level or visibility in a project, simply adjust their roles accordingly. You can also adjust their hourly rates differently for each assigned project. Reporting in Timely is as intuitive as its scheduling features. Filter your reports by time frame, users, projects and export it to Excel or PDF.

Timely comes with 14 days free trial. You has an option to subscribe during the trial or after it ends. After free trial ends, most core features will be locked until you purchase the subscription.

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My Hours – Time tracking with unlimited free plan

Price: Free, pro plan is $3/month and $2/additional user/month
Platform: Web, iPhone, Android

My Hours - TypeEighty

My Hours has been online since 2001 and probably one of the oldest time tracking apps in the market. My Hours is a solid time tracking app for businesses and teams and also a popular choice for freelancer because it’s free for individual use. With the Free Plan, you can add unlimited projects, tasks, and clients. My Hours currently available on Web, iPhone and Android.

At the time of testing out this app, I find that the interface seems to be lacking, or probably outdated, in terms of designs compared to other time tracking app. The mobile app on the other hand, is very simple to use with very limited functionality. You can add a time log manually or simply press the start button to start tracking your time.

Assigning team member to project in My Hours is pretty straightforward. After assigning them to a project, you can monitor your team’s activity and delegate tasks to team member as the project progresses. When adding a new task or person, you also have the liberty to set the approval process of the time tracked. If you set it to required approval, any time tracked under this task or person will need to be approved or rejected by the administrator. You can also leave a note in case you rejected the time tracked so your team member knows what needs to be done to fix it.

Overall, if you relied heavily on your mobile devices, this might not be the right app for you as I find the lack of functionalities on the mobile app is pretty significant even if you’re on Free Plan.

TopTracker – 100% time tracking app specifically designed for freelancers

Price: Free
Platform: Web, Windows, Mac, Linux

TopTracker - TypeEighty

TopTracker is another beautiful time tracking app for freelancers and teams. Developed and launched in early 2016 by Toptal, the world’s leading network of elite freelance software engineers and designers, TopTracker is the first and only completely free tracking tools to help remote teams track their time. TopTracker is a standalone app free for all users, with a clean, elegant desktop and web app that helps freelancers and managers work with their team effortlessly.

“TopTracker is the first time tracking app that is simple to use, gives freelancers full control, is unobtrusive, and is of extremely high quality”

Toptal CEO, Taso Du Val

At its core, TopTracker is a pretty simple time tracking app: create a project, optionally invite member(s) to your project, and start tracking your work. TopTracker app is unobtrusive and easy to work with from any device. With the introduction of hotkeys, you can quickly start, stop and manage your time tracking making the whole process seems effortless. TopTracker web app features a simple, uncluttered design with all key information visible at glance so you can have a centralized view of all projects, such as latest activity, number of hours tracked in the last 24 hours and week. TopTracker provides detailed productivity reports across all projects and team’s performance. Timetable and activities summaries allow you to easily identify area for improvement.

You can set tracking or activity update interval and even idle timeout duration. You can review the screenshot or webcam shot taken or even automatically blur the screenshots before uploading if you’re working on sensitive information or simple reject it if you don’t want to upload the screenshot. You can also enable or disable the keyboard & mouse clicks counts. TopTracker won’t record what you type or click, but will provide an insight into basic activity stats.

Everhour – Ultimate time tracking app for teams

Price: Basic plan is $7/user/month ($35 monthly minimum), Plus plan is $12/user/month ($60 monthly minimum)
Platform: Web

Everhour - TypeEighty

Everhour is a web based time tracking with project management and invoicing. Everhour is mainly focused on teams but works perfectly for freelancers looking for a time tracking app they can grow with. Everhour plans come with a minimum of 5 users, this is ideal if you have a small team of 5 or more as each additional user will be charged accordingly. If you’re just starting out as solopreneur or freelancer, Everhour provides 14-day free trial with full access to everything Everhour has to offer.

Everhour comes with several key features that will transform your time management into efficient and easy process. You can track your time via timer, simply press start or stop button to track your time or you can log your time manually like other time tracking apps above. One thing that sets Everhour apart from the others is its seamless integrations. If your team actively use project management tools like Asana, Trello, Basecamp, GitHub, Jira, or Pivotal Tracker, Everhour offers just the best integration for any of them: use a timer, estimates, and analytics right inside existing interface you’re familiar with. Watch reported and estimated time next to the tasks titles and react to delays promptly. You can control your workload easily with recent activity chart.

While you can assign multiple people to work on the same task, you can set different estimates for each task participants. Everhour will separate and analyze their estimates and current progress. With its color-coded project progress, you will know who’s on target, close to estimates or missed deadline. Everhour provides you tons of features to manage your team. You can set a rule to log time editing, split your team onto user groups for easier management, deactivate users temporarily without losing any data and set their access level accordingly. You can set individual billing rates for each team members or override their default rate on the client level.

Reports in Everhour is highly customizable. You can build your report from scratch or select any of the built-in layout types to find the best layout for your report based on the data you want to display. Simply drag & drop columns to add, reorder or remove them from your report, you can define what piece of data to include in the column as well e.g full names or just a job title. You can further apply filters to specify time range, project name or team members. You can share your report with your team members or export the report to send them to the client. Everhour supports CSV, PDF and Excel format.

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Paydirt – Time tracking app with online invoicing

Price: Paid plans start from $8/user/month
Platform: Web

Paydirt - TypeEighty

Paydirt is a web-based time tracking app with online quoting and invoicing features. Paydirt is changing the way time tracking works with its Chrome extension. Once installed and configured, you can specify keywords or even email addresses for each of your clients. Chrome will recognize a keyword as you typed and will determine who you’re working for automatically. The app will pop-up on the side and prompt you to start a timer and display a list of tasks for you to select.

Team management in Paydirt is freelancer-friendly. If you’re engaging freelancers to work on a project, you can simply add them as team member while providing them a minimal interface where they can only track their time. In this way, you can keep sensitive financial information (project prices, billing rates and more) hidden from them. On the running timers page, you can see everybody’s time tracking updated in real time and get an overview of what every member of your team is working on.

If you find yourself creating quotes frequently, it’s worth checking out Paydirt. Paydirt gives you the tools you need to create, duplicate, send and track your quotes with ease. With Paydirt, you will always know what work is coming up and getting paid when the job is done is simple. You can automatically create invoices from the work you’ve logged and send it to your client.

While it’s “Starter” plan will allow you to create unlimited quotes or invoices, if you subscribed to their “Hustler” plan at $16/month or $160/year, you will be able to integrate your PayPal or Stripe account and start receiving payment online.

Time IQ – Get all features for one simple price

Price: $5/user/month
Platform: Web

Time IQ - TypeEighty

Time IQ is a cloud-based time tracking solution for teams and businesses that makes billing and payroll easier. Time IQ has an intuitive interface that makes time tracking easy. You can start a timer and enter the details later at your convenience. With a single click on the timer button, you can toggle between tasks and switch timers instantly. If you find yourself working on a same task frequently, simply click on the timer icon and Time IQ will populate the timer details automatically. This sure makes time tracking a lot easier.

Time IQ makes it easy to manage small and big teams. With its multiple user level options, you can control what each of your team members can access. You can alse set the minimum hours each user needs to log each week. From each user profile, you can monitor their activity and check for any missing time easily. With Time IQ, you can will always know what your team is doing and who is lagging behind on their time entries.

One of the problems you might face after generating invoices based on your time tracking report is to find out that the time entries were modified by your team members. With Time IQ, you don’t have to worry about that. Once the data for a certain period needs to be set in stone, you can lock the time and prevent time entries from being changed or added to that period. Time IQ provides comprehensive visual reports with its multiple reporting views and filtering options. You can drill down on reports to view details about clients, projects, people across any time period. You can choose to export all the data in several different formats such as CSV for Excel/Apple Numbers or IIF for Quickbooks.

Tyme – Time tracking made easy

Price: $5.99 (iOS), $17.99 (OS X)
Platform: Mac, iPhone, iPad

Tyme - TypeEighty

Tyme is a simple and effective time tracking app for anyone who wants to keep an overview of the times they have worked. With Tyme, everything you need is right there. An instance overview of the time you’ve worked, your budget and most importantly, your deadline. With Tyme, you can keep track of mileage and expenses too.

At a glance, Tyme might look like a to-do list app but I have to say it is the best way to list down your projects and tasks. Afterall, at the end of the day, those are the things you need to do. Once you’re done with a project or a task, you can move it to Project archive to keep your dashboard from getting messy. If you need extra details such as sub tasks or categories, you can add those and assign it accordingly.

If you have a thing for stunning visual, you’re gonna love Tyme. Tyme provides a detailed statistic of your workload that actually looks beautiful. You can keep track of details like your working time, your break period and provides you with insight of how your typical day looks like. Based on all the data it collects, it can also show a forecast of your workload for the next weeks. This is very useful if you work on multiple projects at once. Not only you can avoid missing deadlines, you can also avoid burning yourself out.

With Tyme, you can set what you want to track and how often. Whether you forgot to start or stop your timer, Tyme can remind you of these at the right time. A good addition to the iOS app is the Geofencing features. With this feature, Tyme can start or stop timer automatically based on your location. Like other time tracking apps, you can have detailed overview of your tracked time for any time period and generate timesheets as PDF or export your data as CSV or JSON.

Tick – Time tracking app with real time budget tracking

Price: Free (for 1 project), paid plans start from $19/month
Platform: Web, Mac, iPhone, Apple Watch, Android

Tick - TypeEighty

Tick is a straightforward time tracking app to help your team run more profitable projects. Tick provides seamless integration with project management tools and accounting tools such as Basecamp, Trello, Asana, FreshBooks or QuickBooks. Entering time with Tick is easy, you can enter your time from your phone, watch, tablet, desktop or browser.

Unlike most time tracking apps where you can simply track the time you spend on your projects or tasks, Tick requires you to create a project with all the tasks to allow time entries to be created. During the project creation process, you’ll need to specify the total project time budget and budget for each task. After setting this up, you can navigate to your Timecard and start tracking time. Once your time is entered, the project and task budgets are shown to let you and your team members know how much time left to complete the work. With consistent budget feedback, you will keep everyone on track and ensure your project hits the budgets.

The project overview in Tick provides a clear picture of your projects and where each one stands on budget. It’s easy for administrators to look into a project and see a breakdown of the hours tracked by task and people. Tick makes it easy to assign the correct team members to the correct projects. You can configure your team member permission to give them access to project details they need without revealing sensitive data. If you subscribed to $49/month plan, Tick will allow you to set recurring projects like a monthly retainer that auto-resets every month. This simple option can save you the hassle of manually setting up the same projects each month.

Reports in Tick are highly customizable as every report is built around actionable data. You can select your report by client or people and have the data categorized differently based on your selection. Tick also provides multiple filters so you can export only the data that you need. With seamless integration with FreshBooks and QuickBooks, you can send your time entries directly from Tick to simplify your invoicing workflow.

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Hubstaff – Track your team with screenshots and activity tracking

Price: Free (limited storage), paid plans start from $5/user/month
Platform: Web, Mac, Windows, Linux, iPhone, Android

Hubstaff - TypeEighty

Hubstaff is a great time tracking app for businesses to manage their remote team to run more effectively. With Hubstaff, you will know when and what your employees are working on. Hubstaff integrates with many project management solution so you can see exactly what your team is working on and how much time they spend on each task. Hubstaff also allows you to automate your payroll so you can focus on more important matters.

Your team can automatically track time for a project with desktop and mobile app or enter their time manually onto the web timesheet. The desktop app includes screenshot, apps, urls and locations monitoring and from the activity level you will be able to see how active each person is with mouse and keyboard movement so you know what your team is working on and how they are working. You can closely monitor your employee’s activity by tracking what website they visited, how long they spent at each URL and get a quick preview of the URL.

With Hubstaff’s application monitoring, you can see which apps your employees run when they start the timer and also how long they spent on each app they are using. With automatic idle detection, Hubstaff will automatically stop tracking time if your employee stops working so you only pay for the time your team spends working. The mobile apps is equipped with location tracking so you know when and where your team is working.

Hubstaff allows you to set up schedules in advance so your team knows what projects and tasks they should be focusing on. Once set, Hubstaff will automatically track hours and attendance so you know when and how long each team member has worked. What I like about these schedules is that you don’t have to worry if your employees missed their shift because Hubstaff will send them email reminder. With timesheets, you can easily see how much your team members have worked with the daily, weekly, or calendar views and edit their entries as needed. You can also filter their entries from the way they tracked their time whether using desktop/mobile apps or added manually. Hubstaff also includes pay rates with timesheets so you can easily pay your team for the exact amount of time they have done work, simply choose the payment frequency and Hubstaff will handle the rest.

Like other time tracking app, reports are generated automatically in Hubstaff. You can also filter the reports by projects, members and time range and choose what information to be displayed when you export the report. Hubstaff also generate invoices automatically for you based on project, person and date. You can send the invoice in multiple format. Once you sent the invoice, you can see when the invoice has been viewed by the client. When the invoice has been paid, simply record the payment. With Hubstaff, you will never miss out your payment.

Freckle – Flexible time tracking app

Price: Solo plan for 1 user at $19/month, from $49/month for 5 users and $10/month per additional user
Platform: Web, Mac, iPhone

Freckle - TypeEighty

Freckle is a time tracking and invoicing app that your team will love. Freckle makes it easier for you to log your time by providing multiple shorthands and keyboard shortcut. The onboarding process is pretty intuitive, Freckle will provide you with hashtags to get you started with. When you invite your team member, you can select the permission levels for each account and if you also work with freelancers, you can set them as ‘Contractor’ and be sure that they don’t have access to your sensitive data.

On your Dashboard, you’ll see ‘mini-pulse’ which are colourful pie charts generated from your tracked time that’s updated in real time. This is pretty handy, not only that it gives you a quick glimpse on what you spent your time on, but the color indicators also gives you insight on how you spend your time.

The Freckle Pulse gives you a monthly activity view of all your tracked hours. You can simply mouse over the pie chart to see quick details and find out who have been tracking times or what projects your team is working on. Easily find out the total time spent on each projects, the total time tracked by your team members and their activity list. Freckle makes it easy for you to set budgets for your project, whether it’s a one-time budget or weekly, monthly, quarterly, Freckle got you covered. Configure Freckle to notify you once it hits certain percentage of the budget and you can focus on your business.

What I like about the report is that not only you can run report per person or project but you can also run report by the hashtags. You can easily filter the report by status of the tracked time whether it’s approved or not or whether it has been invoiced or not and export it to Excel/CSV/PDF. You can also create invoice on the fly based on the report, add your PayPal detail on the invoice, send it to your client, and get paid directly through Freckle and PayPal.

ClickTime – Best time tracking app that drives performance

Price: Plans start from $10/user/month
Platform: Web, iPhone, Android

ClickTime - TypeEighty

ClickTime is a powerful resource planning tools that makes it easy to track, manage and report on employee time. If you’re just starting up as freelancer or working on a small team, you might be overwhelmed with all the features that ClickTime provides. While it has tons of features to plan your resources, billings and profits, I do find the interface to be cluttered and the design seems to be outdated compared to other time tracking tools I’ve tried.

While ClickTime offers basic tracking capabilities, it’s easy to track time on the go with it’s mobile apps. If you need to keep track of your expenses for your project budgeting purpose, simply upload picture of the receipt. You can review and approve expenses and export it for reporting purpose.

ClickTime budgeting tools is built so you can easily budget any type of projects you’re working on. You can customize billing rates based on role, task, employee or client and the correct amount will be automatically billed to your customers. ClickTime Project Insight allows you to manage project budgets in real time as it offers deep insights into project costs, billings, and profitability. The dynamic report makes it easy to keep track of your team, see where their time is spent on and allow you to stay on time and on budget for any project. With Project Insight, you can create accurate estimates and optimize business for maximum profitability.

Paymo – Time tracking app that manages your project

Price: $14.95/user/month
Platform: Web, iPhone, Android

Paymo - TypeEighty

Paymo is a beautifully designed project management app that helps your team seamlessly manage projects through their entire life cycle, from initiation to planning, working, making adjustment and getting paid. Paymo provides tools such as Gantt Charts and Kanban Boards which make it easy to track your work progress and re-schedule task easily at anytime. Paymo is available via its web interface and mobile devices.

Project management in Paymo is thoroughly thought of and very easy to use. When you create a project, you can add tasks and milestones. Adding tasks to projects will simplify quite a number of processes. You can assign task to your team member to notify them of pending tasks. With Smart Scheduler, you can create an automatic schedule for your team and cut down the time spent to book time. With its real time resource scheduling, multiple managers can collaborate on scheduling and have all changes updated and visible in real time. You schedule bookings and assign tasks directly on the timeline, check what they will be working on and how their time is booked. See at glance who’s booked and who’s available for work, check overbooked and under-booked resources and adjust your plan in real time.

This sure comes in handy as you only need to setup and configure the report once and share it with your client. Your client will always have the latest report and you can focus on completing the project. It’s easy to create and manage your invoices with Paymo. You can integrate PayPal and Stripe to your account and you’ll be able to accept online payment when you send invoice to your client. Mark your invoice as sent or paid and never miss a payment again.

Paymo provides Zapier integration which mean you can integrate with over 500 apps. Besides that, Paymo also provides features such as real time collaboration, adding comments to the task, start a discussion on a project, and also secure file sharing with unlimited storage which is good if you want to keep your project files or assets together and share it with your team members.

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Timecamp – Track your time and manage your budget

Price: Free for 1 user, paid plans start from $7/user/month
Platform: Web, Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, Android

Timecamp - TypeEighty

Timecamp is an advanced time-tracking app that also offers a variety of reporting, billing and invoicing features. Timecamp is available via web interface or desktop and mobile. If you are a solo user, you can use Timecamp for free and start tracking your time to improve your productivity. If you’re working on small teams or businesses, you might want to give the paid plans a try as it unlocks features such as reports and invoices. Timecamp also provides seamless integration with project management software and accounting tools such as Jira and QuickBooks that’s available on their paid plans.

Time tracking in Timecamp is easy to use with its clean web interface. Simply click on the start timer button and select project or task to tag your tracked time. You can also add note to your track time. You’ll notice the blinking duration on your timesheet indicating a timer is running. Another addition to the details is you can find out the total time tracked in the day and the period of the tracked time.

On Project page, besides creating project, you can also create tasks and assign it to a project. You can set project budget and assign user to the project. On the Settings page, you can access users management page where you can add new users and group them based on their roles. You can configure their access level and assign them to certain projects and group. Billing rates in Timecamp is pretty flexible, you can set rates per user or group or per project or task.

For time tracking app, reporting could be a hit or a miss with so many data to be captured and displayed. I have to give it to Timecamp for getting it right. First, Timecamp provides a number of report layouts based on mix of different key metrics. Second, you will notice that information on each report layout is not too cluttered and is arranged nicely. Lastly, you can further apply filters such as timeframe, billing status, invoice status or users on the report to get accurate report. You can manage and keep track of your invoices easily with Timecamp. Create invoice easily based on the tracked time, you select timeframe and summary the time by people, tasks, projects or time entries and receive payment online via Paypal.

Installing the desktop app will allow Timecamp to track your computer usage such as the time spend on applications or websites and generate comprehensive reports based on the data. It will also allows Timecamp to track your time automatically.

Active Collab – Powerful, yet simple project management tool

Price: Plans start from $25/month for 5 users
Platform: Web, Mac, Windows, Linux, iPhone, Android

Active Collab - TypeEighty

Active Collab is an easy to use project management tools with beautiful UI that packs some powerful features under its belt. While you might find the web time is missing, you can download the Active Collab Timer for your desktop and track time at ease. You can view all your tasks or projects from your timer, simply pick a task and start the timer to track your time and stop when you’re done.

I find the on-boarding process to be pretty simple. Upon creating your account, you’ll be prompted to enter more details about your team and you’re ready to go. There’s not much step by step instruction to follow as it’s easy to find your way around and everything seems to be self explanatory. And if you need help, there’s a little help link on each section for you to find out more. On the System Settings page, you can find all the key settings for different features and view the configured settings at a glance.

On the project dashboard, you will see all projects that you and your team are working on. With Active Collab, you can assign label and category to your project to keep your project organized. In addition to that, you can easily filter your projects based on its label, category or client.

For each project, you can create task list, task or subtask and assign it to your team members. You can assign label to each task and set due date and reminder so your team member won’t miss out any task. Your team member can easily add time and expenses to their assigned tasks. With Active Collab, your team members will always know what they need to work on any time.

With personalised dashboard, it’s easy to keep track of your work. On this dashboard, you can keep track of updates and all your tasks, logged time and activity. Information on this page are arranged in such a way that you will be able to know the status at glance with the help of the color coded label. Find out easily if a task is confirmed, delayed, or fixed for example.

Reports are grouped based on three main categories: finances, assignments, time and expenses. It’s very easy to get started and generate detailed report in a matter of seconds. Create invoices with your own branding, enable the payment option for accepting payment online, check the status of your invoices and take action. Active Collab will send automatic overdue reminder to gently remind your client, getting paid has never been this easy.

You can extend Active Collab with extra features and integration with other project management or acounting management tools such as QuickBooks for invoicing, PayPal and Stripe for payment or Slack for notifications. Moreover, with Zapier integration, you can connect Active Collab with +750 apps. Active Collab also has other features such as discussion, file sharing, and collaborative writing.

Now Then – Rapid, Easy Time Tracking

Price: Free, Pro version at $2.99
Platform: iPhone, iPad

Now Then - TypeEighty

Now Then is an easy time tracking app for freelancers that focuses on tracking time. With Now Then, you can record time easily as you work on your job. You can simply tap on a task to start and stop tracking, and if you work on multiple task simultaneously, simply tap on it to switch task and start tracking.

The app interface is pretty simple. You will be introduced with 3 main vies Now, Then, and Chart. Now will list all tasks you’re currently working on where you can easily start and stop the tracking to track your time. Then will display what you were doing and when. You can get a visual log of how your time was spent in daily, weekly or monthly view on the Chart tab. You can also view the proportions of time spent for each task or group of tasks in form of bar chart or pie chart. You can filter by task, date, time to get more detailed information.

Now Then aims to improve your productivity by making it easy for you to quickly identify misused time. With its crisp and colourful chart, you can find out where your time actually goes. With this knowledge, you can then make changes required to boost your productivity. The Pro plan comes with “Remind Me” feature that will send you notification at interval time when a task is recording or when you’re not recording anything.

If you’re on Free plan, you will be able to create backup files and store it externally. Upgrading the plan to Pro will allow you to do iCloud sync and also share data in Excel, CSV or PNG format. If you use Dropbox for your cloud storage, you can only link your account.

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LogMyHours – Time tracker for your team that doesn’t break the bank

Price: Free, Pro ($4.50/month/user), Enterprise ($22.50/month/user)
Platform: Web, iOS, Android

LogMyHours - TypeEighty

LogMyHours is feature rich time tracker app and their Pro plan is a steal with its low price. For freelancer that’s starting, you should try the Free plan that comes with invoicing feature which is one of the important features for time tracking app. With Stripe integration, getting paid for the work done is so much easier.

Tracking your time is pretty straightforward. You can either start the timer, enter your time manually, or you can switch to the ‘Week’ view and enter your time in bulk if you like to plan ahead of time.

Another feature I find it useful for project manager is the ability to create project template. For certain businesses or agencies, you might probably have a set of services / tasks you are providing to your client. With templates, you will save time as you’re handling more projects. You also have quick access to the your team’s performance. Find out how are they tracking their times, who has been tracking and who hasn’t.

You can also find out who’s currently tracking their time and what are they working on. It makes it easier for you to re-allocate resources to make sure you don’t overrun the project’s budget. You can also create reports easily with it’s report builder and generate reports based on your various business needs.

Time Doctor – One of the best time tracking apps for Windows, iOS and Android users

Price: Free, Solo Plan ($5/month), Pro Plan for team ($9.99/user/month)
Platform: Windows, Mac, Linux, Chromebook, iOS, Android

Time Doctor - TypeEighty

Time Doctor is one of the preferred time tracking software for teams as well as individuals. It is available in 6 languages – English, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Turkish and Russian. The app provides an easy and clean interface which makes time tracking quick and simple. It is a web-based solution that provides time tracking, computer work session monitoring, reminders, screenshot recording, invoicing, reporting tools, integrations and more to help your business be more productive.

The setup of Time Doctor is quick & easy. There are a few basic one-time settings. The optional settings provide various levels of employee tracking like screenshot monitoring, payroll, GPS tracking. Once the initial setup is done, the employee need not to worry about time tracking. Time Doctor automatically runs every time the employee starts the computer. It can integrate with 32 top apps like Basecamp, Asana, Jira etc. This gives it more functionality and makes project management even better.

The reports dashboard shows tables and charts view of hours worked on a daily, weekly, monthly basis and also over a custom date range. The reports also show time usage stats based on time spent on various projects and tasks, daily timeline report, poor time used, GPS tracking etc. The edit time functionality has a calendar-like view which allows users to add manual time on the fly. Once approved by managers, the manual time is added to the user’s timesheet.

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aTimeLogger – Everything you need for time tracking

Price: Free, iOS at $4.99
Platform: iOS, Android

aTimeLogger - TypeEighty

aTimeLogger is beautiful time tracking app that will let you track your activities with ease. While other time tracking app focus more on business, tasks or projects, aTimeLogger wants to let you track any kind of activities with the app. It has received very good review on both App Store and Google Play.

The app comes with a list of categories or activities that you can simply choose and start tracking your time. You can also add on notes to each tracked time. With its mobile app, you can use its widget to start tracking activities without opening the app. I find this to be extremely useful and make it super easy for me to track time without the hassle of finding the app.

If you’re always looking for ways to improve your productivity, aTimeLogger has a great way to do it by creating goals and reaching them. Create goals and start tracking your activities. You will be notified when a goal is reached. You could review your activities day by day and observe how your productivity improves. View more detailed statistics of your activities in form of bar or pie chart.

You create reports for specific date range or type of activities and export them to CSV or HTML format. You can also create backup and restore your data easily.

Dashable – It’s like RescueTime but for agencies

Price: Plans start from $19/month for freelancer, $79/month for 6 users.
Platform: Web, Mac, iPhone, Android

Dashable - TypeEighty

Dashable is simple time tracking app for agencies that helps you operate at maximum productivity, deliver top-quality projects, and increase agency revenue. Dashable is available on all platform and with its third-party integrations, it makes tracking time simple and easy.

Dashboard will show all the the key metrics such as total tracked time, invoiced project, payment received and missing check-ins. While you can view the total tracked times on the dashboard, but it is lacking the project breakdown which isn’t displayed on the Projects page too. You will need to go to each project to find out more details such as missing check-ins, detailed task activity, and approve check-ins.

Projects management is simple and straightforward with Dashable. When adding a new project, you have options to set estimates for the project and also the tasks and the rates. Once you assigned your teammates to the project, they can start checking in their time. You will be able to find out who’s been missing their check-ins and approved any check-ins for billing purposes.

Dashable makes tracking your time easier with its third-party integrations. It works by in your activities from Basecamp, Trello, Pivotal Tracker and Github automatically. It will send email to your team at the end of the day asking them to verify what they have worked on and fill in any details. Supervisors and administrators will receive curated report every morning that shows what got done yesterday, how much billable time was logged.

It’s easy to generate reports with Dashable. Not only you can generate reports based on the provided criteria, you can further filter the report and download it as CSV.

With its invoicing capabilities, you can create and manages your invoices. With BrainTree and PayPal integration, you can receive payment online and get paid quickly. It makes it easier to keep track of all your invoices and payments.

Final Thoughts

Time tracking will help you better understand how you and your team spend their time.
It can help you to better estimates your project, allocate your resources efficiently and increase your productivity and profit. Afterall, time is money.

These 23 best time tracking apps have its own benefits and advantages over the others. Depending on your team size or your process workflow, some apps might work better for you compared to the others.

I’ve been using Toggl to help me track my time. With the desktop app installed and the timeline featured enabled, it helps me to track my activities as I use my computer throughout the day.

Did we miss any apps? I hope this post will help you find the best time tracking app that suits you.

Let us know in the comments.

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